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ticks ; and (c) the hatching out of new (infected) ticks from the eggs
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In practice it can only be examined in two ways : inspection and
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excising a portion of the peripherical end, the means
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action, but I find there is nothing new under the sun, for others have
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* Conium maculatum. — The well-known poison hemlock, or spotted
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is replaced by tuberculous centres or masses divided by fibrous parti-
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animals ; but in very thin subjects and in those suffering from recent
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Compression of the arteries, veins, nerves, etc., at the entrance to
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which follow umbilical infection ; although ovoid bacteria, streptococcus
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■exist, some slight local evidence of the ferment may be observed, but no
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side to side as the limbs are advanced, and each limb is moved with a
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seconds almost to boiling point. By applying a cover glass with
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patches, which fall off, leaving red, angry sores. These may extend,
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explain. On examining aff'ected animals after death, the liver is found
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vomica) are useful, and sometimes small doses of arsenite of soda solu-


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