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is somewhat abated ; and especially if the treatment had commenced

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" S. L. Andrews, J. From the N. E. Disk Med. Society.

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mm. in thickness. < ►ccupying the posterior wall, and extend-

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Prognosis. The prognosis is difficult to indicate, because every-

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the diaphragmatic disturbance or on the symptoms of peritonitis.

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external iliac veins and produce embolism and septicaemia, as is shown

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perties in an eminent degree; its adanagic power is considerable, and it

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abnormal growth, Van der Hoeven holds as an essential fea-

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lesion was especially marked on the epiploon. The intestine was the

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there would be no division in sentiment ; no dissent from the opinions

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the present day, when it is known to be due to a specific organism, the

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Dr. B. 'I'. Bruce, of Louisville, lias gone to Asbury Park,

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