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specific poisons are the essential causes of these diseases ; but the term is re-
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" It appears that when a child, he was surprised, on comparing his
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cause the disease to prevail there, whether the inhabitants of the port
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I believe in accordance with the laws of accommodation
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table of the ulcers which are liable to be confounded with those produced
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which restores vascular tone and stimulates diaphoresis. The
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Defsecation : Examination of the faecal material. The character of
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Europe are now, or soon will be, represented among those
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The style i- clear. The author has endeavored to cover the med-
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can be relieved by a dose of calomel or jalap. If diarrhoea is persistent
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of puerperal fever in woman. Pasteur, Colin, Chauveau and Doleris
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pregnancy. A ligature was applied with considerable difficulty, and,
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are at their height, there will appear over the knuckles and backs
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latter, moreover, is dilated in order to compensate for the loss of function
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Exp. Nos. 3, 4, 5 and 6 were variations of Nos. 1 and 2, by subject
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portant. Each case must be individualized and the mental con-
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cles of the neck there is compression of the large veins of the part,
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to soften the scab, heat must be relied on to penetrate the crusts.
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medical journals appeared with the caption, "Is Pneumonia
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If the symptoms of pericardial diseases are well defined, we cannot


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