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cinity, dead and living, including those who have moved away, and in-
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A very small local iodoform dressing is applied, and, when healthy
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[The writer of the following article, who describes so graphically the
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Death may occur towards the tenth or fifteenth day from exhaustion.
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Spontaneous hernise are very rare in the domesticated animals.
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against quackery. Our present mode of fighting consists of single com-
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Journal and Review would be convinced of the truth of tins
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tion- of the internal organs to run off without " let or hindrance." Al-
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fiction of causes of death, tli ation of which is uni-
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calves has not yet been identified, but the disease is undoubtedly a microbic
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we may distinguish two layers of cells, the inner Langhana
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acceptation of his duties, to be the most benevolent, human-
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of our calling. Being in a legal view placed almost on a level with the
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utmost the most acute observation, and the best-instructed judgment.
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partitioned off' for the plunge bath. It consisted of a large vat four feet
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specific inflammatory eruptions (aphtha, the ulcerations of actinomycosis,
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frequent cause of the evil, and recent experiments at Pouilly-le-Fort


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