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long been engaged in investigating the therapeutical properties of con-

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healing was a direct gift from heaven. This sentiment, although fabu-

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If in spite of this treatment the phlebitis extends towards the origin

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office by an insane patient, armed with a revolver, but fortunately

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of tendons, synovitis or arthritis occur as complications, such injuries

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of the infectious organisms which it introduces into the pericardium.

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Sarcoma of the femur or tibia may be the cause of incorrect

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common to note sym23toms of chronic valvular endocarditis. Eelapses

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dition and, in the absence of treatment, to die of exhaustion.

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System has been revised, a new chapter dealing with

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a number of different points, such as the submaxillary artery, on the

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be excluded. The 'majority of our failures have been in patients

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In view of the fact that in a large number of cases pneumonia,

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Hygromas may be no larger than a turkey's egg or a man's clenched

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The tonsils were enlarged, sore throat, and gastric disturbances

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lesions, and when suppurating caverns exist they are more marked

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even of lukewarm drinks, the same accident occurs, the food or liquid being

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movements are stimulated, and the intestine being in an oblique

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dark, is obHged to abandon himself to chance, and although luck some-

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from danger. Yet the cases are so rare in which the poison is suffi-

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tude and appreciation that such a blessing at so slight a cost


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