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cartilage. L B, AVhite line; H, line of the hypochondrium; Y.M.a., anterior

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those who pursue the study are so far separated. In such cases associa-

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I have just given you. 6th. M. Moquin-Taudon says that Audouin is

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and immediate complications. When the disease is of an acute type,

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It is usually possible to distinguish the condition from disease of the

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in mind the possible consequences just mentioned, and the chances of

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tissues or cells of the parents, which show a diminished power of

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than that Fate to which the pagan mythology subjected gods not less

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ovoid in form, and contain a taenia head with four suckers, but without

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and it was accordingly administered. Its effect was as soon discovered

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meeting is held on the 1st Thursday of January of each year, and an

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sarcomata appear due to its extending by contiguity of tissue, and

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We have received the first number of the American Medical Monthly.

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they have long since ceased and instead of there heinc; objections

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ring several minutes, above and below the aneurism ; but when removed,

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neath the protruding belly, raise it gently, and at the same time


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