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infestation. Many are impossible or difficult to carry out in current
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Notices of works received, 189, 235, 238, 334, 335, 1
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This question has been long asked, but has not been definitely and
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by anodynes, — or in the latter and lower stagesjof the disease, when
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vice-president, Dr. Vlbert '•*.. Sterne, of Indianapolis; second
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Eemoval of the entire cyst, either with the bistoury or by tearing
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circumstances, bleeding increases this susceptibility; true, the loss of
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vail, are factors to be considered as favoring the infection.
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necessary to draw back the flap of skin a little and rapidly divide the
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saturated with urine, plaster, etc. They lick the walls, the boarding, the
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its usual rotundity. Proper dressings were applied, and the progress of
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one of the chief remedies for combating that formidable disease.
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and not wait until the compressing force is victorious and the
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of the stomach produced by them, and consequently any anti -phlogistic
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Similarly, luxation outwards is very difficult, the tendon of the postea
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Such men were Jefferson and Adams, Calhoun and Clay, Story and
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sion when in a quiescent state. By firm pressure which produced much


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