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Joseph M. Mathews, recent appointees, were sworn in as mem-
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access to the wards which our students enjoy added to the body
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nently capable of taking on diseased action, and is the first to suffer in
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Continue prescription and apply a blister to the nape of the neck.
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steadily grows in size. The skin being very mobile, and the sub-
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how s the urine becomes colored blue, in the case of the
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metritis, which is easily diagnosed by a simple bacteriogical examination
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exploration is, however, sometimes useful, for in occasional cases an anus
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culty in this, though the animals must be cast and placed on their
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nerve, and it is really the injury of this that causes the pain
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of the body till completely flexed, as we supposed (the patient being co-
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After nursing is completed the salve should again be applied. As
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mangers and the trees, and they chew and swallow linen spread out to
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tion." The same pathologist induced in animals various and severe
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beast is left midisturbed, it will remain almost constantly in one
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