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interstitial connective tissue ; the latter undergoes hyperplasia and
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plores for acute intestinal obstruction and tinds nothing.
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to another, whether by actual contact, by fomites, or through the
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Difficulties may occur, particularly when the submaxillary and parotid
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by a young animal or child such milk has a distinct therapeutic effect,
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Mr. Mackarsie's Case. — R. W , aged forty, and epileptic for
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reinfection in the pastures. If, therefore, a carbolic dip is selected, it is
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the sheath should be regularly washed out with an antiseptic solution
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which there was any special local affection of severity or any particular
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velopment, nutrition, disease and decay, are determined by the qualities
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the finger, to about three-fourths of an inch in diameter, the adhesions
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selection is to be feared under the cheap forms of policy. Females
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Have we, when opportunity presented, enlightened or instructed as it
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tached to either ovary and was retroperitoneal. The peritoneum
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nave no meaning whatever, being similar in this respect to those verbose
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from July 1st, 1853, to November 1st, and that at Rockford from Nov,
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drinks iu moderate quantities, may enable the system more effectually to
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Professor Clark first introduces the testimony of the great English
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the foetal heart sounds, that the tumor which appears under such cir-
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