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What of Mr. Clark's case ? Nothing favorable to the operation.
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The same has been observed by every one who has- employed the
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ment is likely to brine: about a permanent removal, although a
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young stock. Cadeac failed to inoculate it on guinea-pigs and rabbits.
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out with ease, the bulbs appearing dark and bloodstained (bristle rot).
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Most frequently the young creatures suffer for two or three days,
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in this State where the humidity has been observed and reported, the
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limbs becoming swollen so as to suggest lymphangitis. In the folds
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the authors, and the numerous diagnostic tallies, designed i"
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table soups and broths are also to be given and various forms of
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may thrust on one side the septum nasi and externally cause well-marked
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Accidental injuries to the trachea, particularly injuries produced by
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bite and attempt to rub against hard objects, even abrading the skin
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Eberle and Coates tell us that, whatever the disease may be, insomnia
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