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J. M. and C. D. Morris, Andrew Sargent, L. T. Cheatham, F. J.
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The above exudate forms the peculiar dirty, reddish-yellow, slimy,
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any system of rules, which must be in a great measure empirical.
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great advantage, as in all similar cases, of low^ering the temperature.
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not ose a solution made with c immon s;ilt of undistilled wat' r,
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he fieces being hard and painful to expel; and, if using
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Now that tin 'i-i' really remains (so it Beems) tther disease
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membrane of a joint. If the body inflicting the wound is aseptic, a
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flatulent and slightly tympanitic ; burning in the palm of the right hand ;
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nature of Typhus, he omits one important means of arriving at a correct
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is the shape of the sponge, and the distance at which they are held from
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Secondly, I always knew what I was writing, and although the
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able from the particular operation, and yet, after all has been accom-
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untary principle in its organization, and its representative character; in-
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be supposed that they were obtained and weighed in the forms
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secretion, as usual. Under these conditions, if the animal, which may
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bodily condition of the animal— i.^'., whether it be fat or thin — and the


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