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which the old writers considered as true cancer of the jaw or maxillary

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head is extended on the neck, and the oesophagus and the muscles sur-

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If the animals are slaughtered before the period of progressive

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tion. By previously injecting cocaine, the operation may be made

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the multiplying of schemes to rob the ignorant and credulous, and for

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may already have been used ; it frequently becomes displaced ; it fulfils the

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that he is sincerely desirous of advancing the best interests of his chosen

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water in the proportion of about one part to three. The windows

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tumours and cystic tumours — the first represented by the fibromata,

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and brown tongue and the crimson eruption upon his chest.

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ture which they could not lift in their cooler moments. A striking in-

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the greal Burgeon that he was. I admit myself the awful dis-

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case, we will not discuss the varieties but will merely consider

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severe, and rumination ceases. Wasting makes rapid strides, the coat


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