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fusion of coffee must be given liberally, and continued until th
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Professor Clark first introduces the testimony of the great English
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ward the bladder. After curretting the uterus I raised it and
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medulla oblongata during digestion. To apply the test, I immediately
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inflammation and abundant exudation. From this time the pulse be-
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symptoms are much less definite, and the existence of disease is chiefly
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aside, and no important vessel was injurrd. The whole bleeding was probably
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stitute an element of danger. In endeavoring to excite menstruation, we
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of the special character of the faeces and the sensitiveness of the right
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stage the heart and nervoas system are affected. The gait becomes hesi-
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Until recent years it did not seem that piroplasmosis occurred in
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Other stimuli than the adequate, not being what the adaption
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would instantly die, should he remove his ringers from the bleeding
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Wilson: History oj the Tuberculosis Movement in Louisville 017
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in thin animals in which the point of the sternum is prominent, and
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had gone to a committee of that body, but had not been reported upon.
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small number of cases occurring on the right side, he accounts for by the
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cushion be necrotic, recovery may be hoped for ; but, on the other hand,
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justifiable in human medicine, where the only object is to keep the


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