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The disturbance produced by trypanosomata seldom becomes acute,

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tenderness over the kidney, with pains radiating therefrom to

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stasis : dropsy of the chief serous membranes, oedema of the connective

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been redrawn and the manuscript rewritten, so that it is prac

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deep palpation it is even possible to detect marked resistance and a

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Robinson's, of the best German manufacture. To avoid friction,

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Greater security, however, is given by i3assing a rope backward

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small intestine is more or less a normal condtiott, though such

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mouth or introduced in food and water, and, as in the case of other

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red coloration of the conjunctiva. The pulse becomes very rapid, 100

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referring to the recenl enumeration of ailments ascribed in

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the pneumo-thorax (tubercle, superficial abscess, actinomycotic lesion,

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respiration completely restored life and all its organic functions. The

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metres in diameter have been divided. As a measure of precaution,

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the surface of the bone. No alteration was observed in the correspond-

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