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inchiding diseases of the lymphatic system, indicated by hypertrophy

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Taxus minor. — The common yew, or ground hemlock, is called poison

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ing of i 'ctober 16th, had as their guests Dr. C W. Suckling

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sometimes follow the administration of ether and chloroform.

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parasiticide. From May to August is the best time for spreading

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Numerous autopsies on locoed sheep and horses revealed slight con-

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land cultivated. That the cause exists in such places is proved by the

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simply plugged with antiseptics or treated by introducing pencils of

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blood was comparatively small, yet taking into account the length of

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A fold of adipose tissue directjy connects it with the anterior surface of

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After extraction and disinfection, one or two sutures are inserted.

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Humboldt County, CaL, it is known- as cow poison, on account of its

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sufficient to dress it repeatedly with an ointment containing some

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period of fall, anemia results and respiration fails, when ar-

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The assertion of your remonstrant, that an immense number of astonish-

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disease which in animals of the bovine species is characterised by

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normal. Is quiet and almost rational. 1} Tr. opii. gtt. 60. s. v. g., f.

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protection of the laws of the State, to the exclusion of others. At the

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(2.) The penis is drawn through this opening; an incision is made


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