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charged in the form of half-organised layers, or, on the other hand, in

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April, late in the afternoon, and a post obit, examination was made at 10

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food in contact with the walls of the rumen breaks down, and passes

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push aside this membrane and not enter the cavity of the peritoneal sac,

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charged from quarantine. This was one of the few definite

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one to fifteen days, the efflorescence makes its appearance upon some

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Is the action of chloroform on the heart local, or does the paralysis

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tion were gradually abolished also, even medication became less

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ister morphine before chloroform in surgical practice. They used

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lowed boiling water. The difficulty of breathing had existed but a

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Inspection and palpation of the scrotum reveals hypertrophy,

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glacier of the mountain. Between these two points, a strong thermal

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watched until 6, A.M., when I left him overcome with sleep. Pupils

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cedes mammitis or when it results from prolonged neglect to milk the

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no toilet facilities, and where the feces are deposited as a rule

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may most emphatically be like a thief in the night, when least anticipated.


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