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sent, no really efficacious treatment has been discovered, and although

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bones, the meninges or the choroid plexus, or they may simply be

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and (in principle) to the very cuticle of the fingers itself. Then the re-

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person sent for one of that class of physicians who style themselves

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Ticks soon die of drought where there is no good harbourage among

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ways after eating freely of oranges. I had never been in the habit of

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bonaceous deposit in the tissues. ( His occupation was a tinsmith, and

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taking, we must hold on to their over- valiant coat tails, lest they be

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the respiration, still painful and snoring, becomes more rapid ; and

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• I a ase, what more imperative action is there than that of an

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pelvis, extending on either side along the course of the ex: ^^^^ ^ ^^^

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sion is falling, there is an intermittent feeding of the medul-

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and powdered boric acid, and an interdigital dressing is applied. The

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of treatment which have been employed, are almost as numerous as the

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months. There is no syphilis nor any other organic disease.

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warmth, still more hot fomentations, and in a yet higher degree simula-

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nutrition. There are, therefore, two apparently correlative phenomena

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ble of harboring the disease and, since the dog is the perpetuator

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locoed horses a great difficulty is sometimes experienced in persuading

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