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with a severity which almost precluded Hope itself. A general history

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which are held stifHy. The animal obstinately refuses to move in con-

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are only simple diverticula, with mechanical functions, and that the

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feeding; sometimes by true spasm of the pharynx and rejection of

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Another view, which is perhaps not altogether justified, presupposes

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be of the nature of aleucaemic lymphadenitis may later become trans-

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vesicular eruption, accompanied by a muco-purulent discharge.

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already exist, the intestine may be resected, exactly as in invagination.

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or may accompany micturition ; cystitis, vesical calculus, urinary fistulae,

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of the carcase simulates that produced by a wasting disease. The visible

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In quite a large number of instances in which I have observed the ox-

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" that there is a number of circumstances in the history and propagation

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Prognosis. The prognosis is grave, for the disease usually assumes

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from some six millions and a half, the normal number, to one million

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neck of the bladder so as completely to obliterate the passage. This,

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classification, and thai the system propos ■ fairlj well

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(b) Therapeutic Drainage m I >ne Hundred vnd Eighi

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parts operated on. The instrument used in these, operations was a very


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