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Now the Spiritualists have the merit of having demonstrated that this
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All these classifications ' are justified by the guiding ideas of the
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of five or ten minims of chloroform might prove beneficial as a general
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to the various other subjects embraced in the science of medical jurisprudence.
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mable to the usual remedial means; while others — the majority —
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rumen and resulting overflow into the third stomach are checked, the
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being confined to the adenoid tissue of the bone marrow.
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cap and blankets may satisfy the relatives on this point. I do
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sought. The colon is withdrawal, and the operation thenceforth is ^s
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Treatment. Liquid emollient applications and the opening of the
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recur without the operation having conferred any benefit.
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or embryos passed with the faeces and disseminated with manure, as well
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chronic gastro-enteritis, motor dyspepsia, or chronic indigestion.
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and America, in the short period of half a century ?
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much as it contains a certain proi^ortion of drugs, which, when swallowed
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of last night. 10, P.M. In the same condition of furious delirium;
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Histologically this variety is characterised by an absolute increase


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