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Peuch and Cruzel recommend friction with oil of cade. Eepeated
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intestine may not appear gangrenous externally, necrosis often occurs
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was appointed State sanitary engineer and chemist. It is expected
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from a district where it prevails; and it has as certainly made its ap-
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We cut the following practical extract from the "Transactions of the
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has just caused, and by j)i'oceeding and ignoring it may transform a
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record so far as is necessary for accounts in his pocket memorandum book, of
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the writer held the medical charge of the island. Most of them were
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phoric acid, according to the best exponents of agricultural chemistry,
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vertical interspace. When the superficial layers have undergone
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at an angle with the perpendicular line ; and situated more anteriorly than
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accustomed to class these actions to which the mind gives rise under two
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so that it is never again susceptible to the action of the same poison, as
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without real necessity, I have often made a deep incision, thinking that
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methods produces more than a temporary palliative effect.
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Warts are cutaneous tumours, real papillomata, which most com-
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satisfaction of all present. The experiment was repeated, with various
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The American Orthopedic Association ami the American


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