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(g) A leak -pro tec tor valve, designed to keep milk from dripping into the
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If other spinal symptoms (disturbances of micturition and defecation,
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351. Surgical Anatomy and Operative Surgery. — Two two-hour periods weekly.
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of the body are seen rarely in affections of the cerebellar peduncles and of
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take the form of perforating ulcer (mal perforant) , or rarely gangrene of an
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The disease persists through life. The patient gradually becomes accus-
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four house surgeons are appointed annually to reside in the Hospital.
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gers, including liability to meningitis, so that we note frequent bad results as
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dilator pupillae supplied from the sympathetic, in many cases associated with
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calling after him and abusing him. They may threaten him or accuse him,
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the picture of pure spastic spinal paralysis could be explained by no other
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W. Carter Goodpasture, M.D., Research Assistant in Surgery, Douglas Smith Foun-
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are to be recognized by their etiology (external wounds, abortion, etc.), cuta-
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1. Long Term Holding va!*ies from 1-10 days, usually not more than 2-3; birds are
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life ; that it is much more common in the higher classes and in urban popula-
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cfe^r ciiecse Is cen^w, ♦diien usually cUe^ otfwr 1ftst«ct1twi ifecsswits-,
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students who have just completed their fourth winter session. The
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occurring during star age and shipment • If the fish ^ows evidence of ^
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tions and treatment in hysterical subjects. The patient's condition is often
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disturbances of sensibility (analgesia and thermoanesthesia?) has so far been
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proper military " about face," the uncertainty of movement is still more
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JSmtra covraes (free to pupils): Morbid Anatomy, Dental Surgery,
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perversion where gratification can be obtained only by the performance of
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Anaesthesia in the region of the trigeminus demands a brief special de-
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(3/1 hrs); Egg Qtanty Determination (8/4 hrs); Con- j
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Degree of M.B. — ^Requisites for admission to tbe d^ree of Bacbelor
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Sodium— Manufacture of Carbonate ol Soda; Borium; Strontiuni;
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easily inserted through the nose, care being taken to avoid entering the larynx.
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the results of such a well-directed treatment are undoubtedly very good, but
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By motor (ataxic) agraphia we understand, of course, not the inability to
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vlogy. Botany, and Physiological Ohemistiy. Second yea/n^s students —
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mnt must be nontoxic, nonabsorbent, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean. ^ ^ ^
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Variations will also be dealt with In this chapter, and'by combining these tables with
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plete disappearance. The transverse striation is, for the most part, preserved,
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tinuous increased intracranial pressure (headache, apathy, somnolence, etc.) ;
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put the anode to the back of the neck and apply the labile cathode to the closed
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