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On account of the necessarily indefinite knowledge concerning
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lying down, lose appetite, cease to ruminate regularly, and exhibit
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and condensing intelligibly matter in former volumes treated more
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tense and frequent. The symptoms may exist for a greater or less
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days. The temperature, which may previously have risen to ahove
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without the interaction of the thyroid gland itself, or it may be
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Duration. The disease sometimes proved fatal in one or two days,
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period. Osseous cachexia is a disease of adults. Nevertheless, there is
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rarely accompanied by subjective symptoms referable to the
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color changed to yellow, its texture was firm and not easily torn. The
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The disease was studied by Poels in Holland in 1889, Dele in
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ness are usually sufficient. Forced dilatation may be effected at a
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some of them had been rescued from an untimely grave by your remedy
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may be necessary to utilise the methods so frequently employed in the
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culty is obviated by applying vesicants, which cause swelling and pain,
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striking facts substantiated by the fullest details from the New York Hos-
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foreign materials. Even fully-grown sheep, when shut up together in
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parts of the body where there is an absence of hair, such as the
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An ordinary thirty-inch colon tube has sufficient Length to


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