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of the glass; in congestion transudates, abundant large flocculi, which

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suffering from pneumonia, with a full bounding pulse, great pain, and diffi-

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by mail (poet paid) will buy two of these pamphlets, and Ukewist two of the << Pilgrim's Progress ia

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form gauze is prepared by the New York Hospital formula.

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many years, I have seen one very interesting case steadily, though

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to occur. Particular attention should be paid to the [Josi-

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rior, and to the right of the uterus was an ovarian cyst, and,

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times retained, perforate the tunics of the stomach or the in-

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weighing; more than two hundred and fifty jjouiuis, thirty-

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ing, or about thirty-six hours after the injection, the cat was found dead. At

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to the blush. He then gave a brief rksume of the legis-

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In the description which Mr Hey has given of fungus haema-

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was received at the library that the late Professor John Call

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the tissues of the body. There are two kinds, classed as " acute"

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use. " I smoked too much, yesterday," or, " I must cut off my supply

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represent the actual number of cases, not percentage.

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These include chiefly cases of necrosis, fracture, and epiphyseal sepa-

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10 % coflFee infusion was substituted for the water. The

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the pulmonary affection " consists of well developed inflamma-

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frontal bone. (Such fissures furnished tj'pical illustrations of

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different genera, according to new relations, which might be af-

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tage died, and all but three within a few hours of the

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land by Purser) ; seventeen cases by Frenchmen ; three by Belgians ;

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tory affections, of tumours, of injuries, of non-congenital contractions and dis-

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very evident, when, a short time after he was shot, he attempted

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sia. Children younger than three years are in their greatest

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(8) The duration of the process has a direct bearing

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not abrupt or sudden, but there is a period of access, or a forming stuge.

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1 For an analysis of 199 cases of purpura hemorrhagica, vide Pathologic Interne

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spongy tissue, and the subject is young, it need not be pursued

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lymphatic origin. No period of life perhaps is exempt from

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wind blowing upon the face a very efficient cause. Ho consid-

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ders points to the nervous system as the seat of the

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