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150 men in his establishment, 50 were total abstainers ; and that these
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per cent, on the ^5,000 damages claimed; and this decision gives us a
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of a college or not. He may spend quite as much if he be non-col-
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agree in opinion with the uneducated as to the inscrutable and myste-
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the principal depot of the British Society, and the place at which we
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is of opinion that the direct representation by the profession in the
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the end of three weeks, he was allowed to get up with a plaster of Paris
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of supplies to the lazareths is necessary. In sending material to tlie
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thesia existed. The fsrces and urine were passed involuntarily. The
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one hundred and twenty cases were submitted to Holt's operation, and twenty
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men were frequently oppressed with labour and fatigue, and but for an
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others. The poison is chiefly contained in the discharges from the
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Admit the responsibility of the Government of a country for such de-
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Aveli'-ig, J. H., M.D. On the x\dvantages to be derived from curv'ing
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present war, may be turned to some profitable account as regards our
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healthy. The other organs were congested, but otherwise healthy.
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commencing at its summit and extending for two inches over the acro-
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should sufficient funds be obtained. It was also stated that a sum of
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Applicant's name and other particulars in the Students' Register, and
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by Dr. Walter Charleton, Doctor in Physic, and Physician to the late
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James Paget, Esq., F.R.S., President, in the Chair.
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made ; indeed, no government could have been expected to sign the
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to this extreme opinion from their experience of the scandalous laxity
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the nature of their courses, are liable to overflow their riparial
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dence, Mr. J. C. Brown having retired. Dr. Braidwood has been ap-
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may be considered relatively to each other as molecules), without
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The following gentlemen passed their final examinations, and were
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not essential to the sarcoma, for the amount of it varies extremely, some
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voluntary muscles exceeds that of the uterus in the ratio of nearly ten
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Anatomy; Robert Perry, RLD., Chemistry. — Clinical Examiners in
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Dr. De Mey (Newcastle) thought the last speaker had carried his
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clinical history of the periorbital dermoid cysts, and also that of those
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