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have taught us that an eliminative plan of treatment
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rare, and do not affect the general rule I have laid down. Notwith-
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It may be asked in this place, whether the great prevalence
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Oiagram indicating* the general location of the needle, and showing
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do not care to take up the matter, and that defence
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as toxic. Deafness, partial and transitory, may occur, comparable to the
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substitution of a large dose of an iron and aloes pill. Ilot hip-baths, and
glands and in a state more favorable for cultivation. Experiments were
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possibilities, as wcU as some of the statistical possibUitics
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depends upon the frequency and force of the leprous fever.
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become fused together by the callus which is thrown out in the
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with that of the uterus, the child must evidently lie more or less
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the landmark of the cervical sympathetic a line drawn from the mas-
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The cathode should be placed in the supraclavicular fossa, the anode on the
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confined themselves or been confined to an abstemious diet, and in such
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Dr. Brown Kelly said he had used the apparatus for papilloma, lupus,
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several other micro-organisms. Moreover, it is difficult to explain the
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application of the constant current to the entire length of
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sided ; it may then be employed with every hope of realizing its most
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Patient on the day of his death ate his dinner heartily, and was con-
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that line by Prof. Boyce last year. I can state positively that our school li-
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three months old. He was supposed to be still-born,
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all cases the effects observed are the more marked in proportion to the
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ria. The diphtheritic process stojjs at the level of the
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Stable bodies, as seen in Faraday's beautiful experiments, in which a ray
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(6) alleviating pain, (r) preserving movement of the joint. In the cases
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Hospital. The disease had almost entirely disappeared
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go^, digitalis and the saline diuretics do no harm and are often highly
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that inflammatory disease may disappear under the use
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Rea is a clinical assistant professor of surgery at the
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round (9 /a) or oval (12 p. by S ll) in mononuclear leucocytes
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Altogether, the collection is flattering to the personal


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