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The training the eye to the determining of size is not so

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whether the case is one of jaundice, formation and passage of

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and an abundant discharge of thick, yellow, bland, inoffensive

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prepared for the author by his friend Dr. Charles P. Kussell,

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of cutting and constriction in the urethra after micturition; fre-

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sulting from chronic irritation of the bladder, a small amount of

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some movement, and that will be away from the median line and

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tion of gastric juice, with acidity and cardialgia.

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portant part of the successful treatment of urticaria, commonly

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rhoids must exert a powerful influence upon the circulation ;

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is only appeased when continually carried. In pregnancy it

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practically continuous. At the end of a period of fasting the

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guage for critico-polemical warfare. But all this bears

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some movement, and that will be away from the median line and

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hospital house-officers the experienced nurses used

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Of the twenty-one cases, fourteen were operated upon —

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hours, and magnesia phos. 3x, five grains every four hours,

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tea and brandy. This remedy must be administered very cautiously

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"It has been said before that it should be the rule to feel both

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entire genito-urinary organs, this drug will aid much in bringing

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OplitJialmological Glass o/* 1860 . By Montrose A . Fallen,

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pent-up air. The rapid development of this state of chest, and

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great open fire in the library that evening discuss-

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tive present in sera has nothing to do with the production of serum acci-

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It was upon animals that the first attempts to see the in-

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should also remember that pigeons are often subjected in

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l)eud3 on the possibihty or impossibility of securing an artery so as to ob-

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over the left. About thirty-three inches may be taken as the

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diluted, and of not producing the exhausting diarrhoea

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medicaments. This diathesis furnishes the greater number of

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5. A tent may be inserted for two to four days at the

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She lost a great deal of blood at the time from the vagina,

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brownish in color. It promotes natural secretion, favors the flow

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hemorrhage, either during parturition or at the menstrual period.

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and others who were unable to prevent constant dribbling of the


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