Suhagraat Shayari In Hindi

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of the air, the transmission of which constitutes the
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It is not applicable to the treatment of ocular diseases, as in many
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cause derangement of nervous function, to vitiate the secretions, and to
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xxiv, 1.53-1."]9. — IVarii'li (1!.) Proposition d un nouveau
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retic, diuretic, and resolvant: by many it is believed to be ana-
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Reynell Coates (1802-1886): Politician, Poet, Editor, Naturalist, Lec-
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the Assistant-Phvsicians and Assistant-Surgeons are chosen from
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institution lias given not fewer than nine of the Elmer family
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and twenty-one of the sixty girls in the school, while fifteen others
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year 1793 was but 27. At the Salpetriere the same lamen-
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It was foiintl that the mucous mein])rane regularly caught and was
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stricted their series to those patients having acute
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made of the abdominal contents and any pathological condition found
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this symptom is in the great majority of instances due to irritation from
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ganization, but is under the charge of Dr. D. II. Kitchen,
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There was no change in the pulse rate at these times of syncope, it remain-
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according to the formula of Fisch, by Dr. A. Mansfield Holmes of
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languor and heaviness of the limbs, and there is an aversion to opld air ;
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Sci.,' Jan., 1857 ; and ' Brit, and For. Rev.,' vol. 19, 1857, p. 409.) In-other
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Delaware Breakwater Qvarantine, and placing new motiTe power therein. Detail for th^
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in. In the case of the soldier, both legs were affect-
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south, and with a very striking result, as on the very first night she
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Hughes: Do you think it was the IEEE paper that had brought
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to the motor-oculi nerve, followed by paralysis. Ophth.
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The proper field, therefore, for tannigen is the chronic
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less close observation of the ground, and machines doing this work
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pulse becomes frequent, full and hard and the impulse of the
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and eyelids are swollen. The feet, ankles, and legs oedematous, pitting strongly on
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to be followed in attaining a desired result. It is the basis of orders
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H''ili c,,-,-- duJ .,- , ,,-ull ,,f .,.pii.- piR-u,n..ni,, uhi.l, u.- ..lr.,ur. ot.ih-
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in patients who are pot upon this diet are pain, tympanites, constipa-
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these very important questions, and I now bring them
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I must confess that I can neither assent to the views of the
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address delivered in June, 1895: "Twenty-two years ago I took up the
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