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nigricans) can be removed with ether or spirits of chloroform. Tinea

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Soc. 1884 (quoted from Chambard's Paper in the Annates de dermatologie, 1884). —

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rely upon the efficacy of their proprietary " specifics " ought to be re-

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character, yet in some instances the febrile stage passes from delirium to

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strength. Baths with coal tar solution are useful in dry papular

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by means of a small curette. If the incision has passed beyond the

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Forms of alcoholic insanity. — It now only remains to mention

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matory process, which begins in the follicles, and is allied to sycosis;

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In this form the condition may last for months, to end, as in Hebra's first

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certainty of the disadvantage incurred by immediate indulgence.

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gait is sometimes ataxic, or spastic. Impaired movement is often shown

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as will fill a pint measure, may be collected from the bed of a patient

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Galvanism of the head offers great promise of good, but as yet no

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— 13. Leekddb. Annates de derm. Dee. 1898, vol. ix. p. 1095. — 14. Mibelli. (Horn.

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sign of perverted feeling. They have married, have lived normal sexual

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facts concerning the patient. This information can be summarized

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act, they would find a verdict for him ; but otherwise, they

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mental examination ; this class has been recognised and reported on by

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in color. The nucleus is not readily distinguished.

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dition which may shade off into Melancholie avec stupeur.

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upper three intercostal spaces, and the pubes, where developmental

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conditions are mixed. It is also to be borne in mind that paranoiacs

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But none, except medical men, can judge of the rare

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honor see me?' Well, Conan Doyle could not see how I

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simple glass-handling procedures are part of the technical routine

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Diet. — Into the large question of dietetics I need not enter except to

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tise of that day of digesting, mundificating, incarnating, etc.

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fits, make no progress whatever. They are often addicted to masturba-

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Yet, in spite of this, true zoster of the face characterised by uni-

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seems to be a distinct cause, such as syphilis, as in the case described by

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the right. In certain cases (more frequently, it would appear, upon the

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and the "Persons tried" in the five years 1889-93, I then marked out

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the hair-shaft. Under the microscope, owing to the splitting up of the

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skin irritations. This state may pass into the most excited melancholia,

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Sleep always needs attention, and if it does not follow feeding, or tepid

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with sterile physiologic sodium chloride solution, to pre-


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