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tomatosis in an extraordinary fashion, a fact which is easily understood,

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An ordinary thirty-inch colon tube has sufficient Length to

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The only logical method seems to be puncture of the pericardium

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vital functions of secretion, reproduction and nutrition. A similar re-

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On auscultation the respiratory murmur in the upper two thirds of

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disease in Africa are absolutely identical. Laveran, on the other hand,

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holding of them from patients with hyperthyroidism would be

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Symptoms. At first the dominant symptoms point to disturbance

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larger quantities. The bad effects of wet seasons are not immediately

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slight softening of :temal table of the os frontis. On an incision

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culous subject, thus nullifying all the precautions previously taken.

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as in the case of old-standing and extensive lesions. To ensure

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Changes in the milk are so common and play so important a part

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cattle which have been raised there; young and fat cattle are more

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interstitial and subcutaneous tissue, and thrombosis due to infection

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to make any satisfactory progress; and the great obstacle to a cure was

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duced to fifteen drops ; and thereafter no unpleasant effects were produ-


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