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diminishing, and in severe cases, rapidly overpowering their vitalizing

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folds of the abomasum ; 4, 5, and 6, old-standing ulcers with sclerosis of the walls

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where showers of rain, after the dipping, have washed the dip out of the

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particularly formed by the wall of the uterus, the broad ligaments are

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tuberculosis by cohabitation in infected places more easily than adult

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remark from so distinguished a source : "The most common form of

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layer in the direction of the sound. Once the urethra has been

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wasting, cessation or marked diminution of the milk supply, decrease

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surface beneath, which prepares the way for its ejection.

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is difficult to detect, inasmuch as it occurs in the depths of the

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some countenance to the opinion of those who, from failure to analyze

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It is characterised by incontinence of urine or retention with over-

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endeavored to show that ptosis oi the abdominal organs is due

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cord, compression of the thorax in the cardiac region, or partial pre-

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The parts are washed with boiled water and dusted with boric acid,

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the demands made by authorities in regard to the diagnosis of

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About one month after his entrance, he began to be troubled w r ith


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