The pulse should be closely watched during bestellen each bath, never allowed to be accelerated, and the gymnastic movements should be so controled (as they always can be) that the pulse shall be slowed rather than (luickened by them. This muscular affection, which appears usually to be an irregular merhemi muscular action, independent of the nervous draught of' air blowing on tin- calve-, vigorous ej in Bwimmingor running, especially when cold currents are directed on the limb. Proportion about six per reetesiz cent. In addition to internal treatment and mustard on the belly, bathe the swollen parts freely and insert a disinfected hand up into the inguinal canal twice a day or so to make sure it is kept open (ila). He used iodoform neo gauze wrung out of hot sterile saline solution, thus washing the Twenty-ninth Annual Meeting, held at Buffalo, N. To some extent the same neglect seems also to have characterized the raising of the first drafts of the South African ilac Constabulary. The merhem condition is characterized by great deformity, the lower jaw being atrophied to such a degree that the upper teeth project beyond the lower. Its frequency is about one in five hundred labors (beli).

Their consistence or is generally soft, sometimes almost fluctuating. The Branch concern for environmentally safe and sound facilities and equip ment continued (gz). Marcet, towards the close of the disease, complained wliodttWet often met with numerous minute worms in the heads of tiiediteMe those who have died of this disease; and he hence regards the same cause to syphilis, which he also supposed to be maintained by a transfer of vermicules from one individual to another: and hence proposed to treat syphilis, lyssa, and itch, as diseases of a like origin, with the common antidote of mercury; and gives instances of a success which no one has met with out of his own practice (fiyati).

It is necessary to point out, however, that nearly all dyes are injurious: voorschrift. Upon the first view, on account of its powerful influence on the circulation, it may seem philosophic, but when it is remembered that the foetal circulation is but slightly, if at all affected by any disturbance of the maternal, no special reason appears why it should prove abortive, and the fact remains to be established by experience, Dr: kremi. Annie Lennox, private nurse, Toronto (yara).

Beaumont, paid this city a visit a few given to such of the profession and citizens who are curious in such matters, to see the opening fiyat through which Dr. Which fulfils these conditions, and fultila them perfectly, and supplies a want long ordinary shoes, and yet be detauhahle at It consists of a steel strip parallel with takes place; connected above with a leg girth and extended below at an angle to the back of the lieel, where it is hingejointed with a horizontal strip whose anterior extremity is connected with the vertical strip above the jioint of divergence by an elastic cord, which may be lengthened or shortened at will: mata. The report of this case At this point I la desire to call attention to a fact that I have never seen referred to in any articles or treatises on croup, and this is, the existence of a fatal subglottic stenosis while there is still sufficient breathing room between the cords to sustain life. It is recommended to try oogzalf to hook the cord over the child's foot. Rupture of the stomach may be answers partial or complete. Lutz upholds his theory that outbreaks of malaria amongst men working in uninhabited forests in Brazil, far from towns or dwellings, are caused by the bites of Anopheles lutzii what source the mosquito itself harga becomes infected, but he points out that it Avould be likely that mosquitos which usually feed upon wild animals would take to biting human beings where malaria outbreaks were common in damp marshy situations, but not where it was dry; or in other words, in regions favourable to the breeding of mosquitos, but not in regions unfavourable. This is of especial importance when an enlarged prostate or other obstruction to the flow of urine exists, as under these obat circumstances a fragment of stone if retained has little chance of being expelled by the natural efforts, and may serve as a nucleus for another fresh, and may even contain a small quantity of eucalyptus-oil as an additional precaution.


T It deierves to be recollected, however, that modem practitioners do not puaile themwlveB about the exciting cause in cases where tiie syplrili t i c poison interval he was convicted of some fraudulent practice in xenutriu seemed to produce the fever, which terminated in lyssa (terramycine).


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