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than a successful essay should be, no awards will be made.
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guide as to the quantity of water injected, and tlius
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Professors Arlt and Jager interesting and instructive. In these
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selves in examining it. In his case, as in Case CXL., after the acute
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bucket did duty as a necessary, and the calls of nature
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in which optic atrophy and the escape of clear fluid from the nose
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arrangement made on insurance lines by sick and other benefit
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palms, the soaked epidermis becoming macerated and peeling off,
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permitting a view of the action of the soft palate from its nasal aspect during
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Syphilis, when it attacks the nose, like scrofula, lupus,
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slow and rapid forms, the varieties of toxic peripheral neuritis. The
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alcohol. The nozzle of the syringe should be placed firmly
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indulge secretly in carbohydrate food in spite of the strictest
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the ulcer may be as large as a florin ; in others it takes the form of a slit. As
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proteosoma -containing blood — observations corroborated in Italy and
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self: an internal view of the digestive tract would
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consists simply in obliging every house to be supplied with a water-
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are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover.
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antagonistic influence, e. g.y acute rheumatism, when the disease develops in
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perception was admitted, but both pupils, although somewhat
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the OS calcis — of a soft pliable nature — may become converted
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against extraordinary perils belonging to conditions which may
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ent color from the other hand. There is pain nearly all the time in the
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Now, on an average, 12-5 grammes of moisture come over from the
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this preparation be not immediately available, the sesquioxide or common
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Minett mentions the efficiency of a 2}^% solution of benzoyl chloride as a
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the Frendi, but with us is falling more and more into disuse. Vene-
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diastole. Such a suction action might be a factor in the production of the
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-graduate Medical School; formerly President of the New York
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Our oorrespondeoC says— The case was tried in the Court of CooimoQ
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vices of any kind, being thoroughly domestic in his habits,
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acute salpingitis is perhaps an adherent retroflexed uterus and ad-
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so that to-day, in most civilized countries, political power, to a
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instance which I noted, division was markedly unequal, a
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farther relief, the confident and boasting promises of a
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The medical cost structure of the premium, to a large
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in 18S1, in which he gave a careful ri-siDiii of the past
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stomach, and in such cases forcing a tube into this organ would
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The indication for turning in narrow pelvis occurs when it is
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electricity is very good. Our car service is excellent, but
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figure. The adventitia continues for a very short distance over this
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