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able a consummation since the advent of Priessnitz and hydropathy, your

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coma of a man heavily drunk. His pulse was scarcely to be felt at the

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to be guaranteed by the authorities. He did not know that toleration,

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the wash soon leaves the sheep, which is consequently not protected from

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possible existence of the condition should always be borne in mind when

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where pigs are at liberty, such as Limousin, Auvergne, and Perigord. It

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Injuries produced by cords slipped into the interdigital space for

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tinctness of Typhus and Typhoid Fevers and the cause of that distinctness,

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sation. To sum it all up the indication for cerebral decom-

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ocardium is toward recovery, but if strain is put upon the heart

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of the question will at once be understood by bearing in mind the

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is better to allow the discharge of urine from the umbilicus to continue,

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Exostoses are somewhat uncommon in the bovine species, and when

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recalled to my mind, the glowing colors in which these old thoughts, and

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Molasses refuse is much used about Paris and in the department of

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issues from the narrow valvular opening into the wide part of the vein

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typhoid fever. It was due to our patients and to justice that we should

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or tuberculosis. In the living animal, on the contrary, the diagnosis

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The past eighteen years have seen the successful accom-

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diately give rise to a dangerous haemorrhage, or cause a retroversion of


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