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nursing which have come under our notice. For the so
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the fattening of geese found that after nine days feeding the gall
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Their habit of self abuse had originated and become exaggerated because they
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processes in a gall bladder distended by fluid or stones when the
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negative results. Exceptionally a few scattered rdles are heard. The
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dicitis ended in resolution and what proportion of cases
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the question as to what changes the implanted bone undergoes.
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But lavage becomes dangerous when performed immediately after
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Here in the International Hospital there ways operated on under local anesthesia
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not Prevalent. During the month of September cultures were
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dental but admirable property of the instrument which
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series inoculated into egg meat medium and incubated at C. for days.
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erties of proteins can also be shown for the influence of alkalies.
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We re always looking for interesting and informative
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to the latter in each progressive space downwards. There are thus
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pains soon followed and under the influence of the chlo
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sometimes to the cornea by its base and deeper aspect but the
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siderable quite universal involvement of the organism
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worked its way backwards from the antrum which was full of it. The
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of the victim on the throne of the chief inquisitor
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If preserved in sterile bottles this defibrinated blood or serum
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The structures implicated in these injuries are skin
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tions says our author a previous sensation in the brain is usually antecedent
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wall of the bladder at the time of the operation. After
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father can infect the mother through the placenta and the
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to understand. If we have larger heat making organs than are necessary for
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an inoculation experiment was to be performed the contents
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Quincy. There is no doubt of the efficacy of quinine in
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three or four fluidrachms Mixture of Assafoetida enough to make two
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abused might have their modesty shielded and their infirmities
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The clerical work connected with the filling out of the blank should be
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The bullet in transverse course and hia h velocity throufrh both
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the influence on spontaneous tumors of alterations in the diet.
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to let the first dressing remain on until necessity required its
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of the body. This is the ushering in of the acute stage.
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toms are usually long misunderstood. The remissions of the disease add
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the provision for the neutralization of the acid juices of the stomach
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period. Within about the same month four other cases of apparently


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