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efforts to s^yallow, ^yhicll prove unavailing when the contraction is

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us to anticipate. Indeed, the statistics given in these books and

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diameter, large enough to obturate the ureteral orifice and pre-

revia tablets effect

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It w 7 as soon noticed that unusual symptoms complicated his case. On

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The symptoms include discharge from the eyes, coryza, hypersecre-

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hot fomentation- to joint- at first to relieve pains. Later patient

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are often merged in single cases. Closely allied, and usually asso-

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A Zymotic change of the blood is due, according to Liebig, to a de-

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The appetite is somewhat diminished, but all these symptoms very

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and skill are left to work their way unhindered and unhelped. Hygiene

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remarkable fact, that, from the first of his dyspnoea, until the last few

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examination. This fragment can be obtained by the method known as

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and Dr. James Alexander Hutchison, of Montreal, contributes

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of the tenth dorsal, and simulate gallstone disease, which oc-

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pylorus, or a flattened thickening of the lesser curvature no

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vain to expect that these sciences can make any progress in the field of

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Close application to study, with neglect of the rules of health, during


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