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performed Buch operations ;is those for uterine fibroid,

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hit upon if an effective disinfection of these large buildings was

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like belladonna, veratrine, colchicnm, poppies, tobacco, hemlock, etc.,

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returning gave thanks publicly in the presence of the people.

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parasites, etc., but the exact cause has always eluded research.

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shoots of trees or toxic plants, may cause acute nephritis.

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Fully grown cattle receive daily doses of IJ to 2 drams of chlorate

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a further proof, that in its empty condition it appeared more fleshyl

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one and one-half hours. In extensive cases of lupine poisoning it was

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found the bleeding nearly cease. The whole affair was so sudden, that

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efforts made during coughing, and dilatation of the vesicles or lobules

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occasionally diverged in various directions, to localities of different

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contributions for previous years, and hopes that they may repeat them for the

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ing. Being thus satisfied that muscular power was competent to the

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of vertigo, etc., have been noted, but these in reality are very rare*

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Papillomata result from hypertrophy of normal papillae ; they

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injections of one-quarter grain doses of morphine, but this was without

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but where turning could be effected without too much violence under the

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the multiplying of schemes to rob the ignorant and credulous, and for

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The diagnosis must be arrived at by vaginal and rectal examination.

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knowledge ! Futile wish, but I would like to be a god. G.

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makes its way towards the channel formed on either side by the ribs and

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mucus, with great thirst and internal heat; V. S. § xx. with pulv.

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Infection with micro-organisms is therefore the essential cause, and


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