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appear to be of some service, the eruption becoming milder under their
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imperfect in mentally deficient children, and when the imperfection is
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appear that the degenerative changes conditioning it should be as
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bestowed upon it and is well equipped for research. The need for them
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of measles when she was four years old. For some time afterwards she
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means of instruments, such as penholders, which fasten to the fingers,
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may be more complete. A still higher development of this moral
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customarily monoplegic, and concerns chiefly the lower limbs, to a less
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by the act was out of all proportion greater than the injury inflicted ; nor
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you know me ? I am not the countess, but Sally Mapp, the
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experience, hallucinations of sight in epilepsy are decidedly rare, whilst
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becomes dull and friable, and frays away at the edge. Such disorganised
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affection were told to move a lamp, and supposing that, in his effort to
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substances ; there can be no doubt that the tubercle bacillus is some-
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caused a motor discharge of which there was no recollection ; conscious-
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by abundant sweating. Sweating sometimes terminates an attack of
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pole, respecting which a writer in the "British Apollo," No.
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difficult inquiry, (x.) The home he goes to, and the kind of person or
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show that the temperature of an hysterical patient may rise without
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tham and Sir George Vandeput fought for the vacant seat
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P. rubra to cases in which the hyperemia and continuous exfoliation are
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face is involved, including a P. mitis and a P. formicans (neither very clearly
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The affection is a severe and dangerous one, being associated with
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acre's house in Knightrider Street, Doctor's Commons, and
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punctate depression is found in many papules, but not in all ; it is in
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the ulnar side ; but in rare instances the wrist has been extended. The
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times earlier, the disease has a tendency to abate, the attacks becoming
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weeping eczema. This usually corresponds to acute eczema, or to an acute
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seborrhceic dermatitis, or parasitic eczemas, which may vary greatly with the
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mind is clearly evidenced by the intense morbid craving for drink ; and
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is found in infants and young children, (iii.) The flat or really plane
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seborrhceic origin. They can be distinguished by breaking up the mass
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ticles on "Food and Feeding," from The Nineteenth Cetp-
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tion and the absence of exudation, but, as seborrhcea may pass into or
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mental depression, affections of sight, and other nervous symptoms.
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chromatic normoblast) or deep blue (basophilic normo-
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a process in a court of law, the legal advisers for the plaintiff exaggerate
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