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but, on the contrary, i .> ultimately depress. A real tonic is not
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ever, of approximating to such a representation, I shall first express some
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On September 5th, 1905, the President suggested the advisa-
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Dr. Merriman deduces from the bills of mortality just referred to, the
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theless, as its gravity is in direct ratio to the quantity of toxin absorbed,
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derived from the oxvirenation of the blood in the gills, no assistance. The
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ness of the visible mucous membranes. Diarrhoea, sometimes of a san-
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the fifth, seventh, or ninth day, they frequently become insensible to all
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ing him in a listless and apparently unconscious state for full half an
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able pang, like tic douleureux. Then follow a host of indescribable sen-
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that the departmental committee should institute a series of experi-
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Neuralgic pains about the temples and in the occipital region are
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April 27th, 9 A.M. Slept none at all. The brandy and ice have
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Tennessee, and Arkansas is commonly known to be poisonous to
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Affections of the spinal cord, such as tabes dorsalis, may
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give rise to haemorrhage during pregnancy, and excite the premature
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They were observed eating industriously during the intervals between the
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the hernial sac is opened aseptically, the adherent parts liberated, the
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— *• Parasites aud Parasitic Diseases of the Domesticated
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The symptoms present some peculiarities. The loop of intestine
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described by one who experienced them in his oivn case.
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of the bladder than true inflammation ; it is doubtful whether inflam-
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history, however, is necessarily meagre, for the reason, that like a thou-
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in peripneumonia it ascends suddenly, and presents sadden oscillations.
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their profession. They nevertheless belong to the medical public, and


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