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Smith and Kilborne, and afterwards Stiles, described two forms : an
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method has become very popular of late years, and is very satis-
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changes which we find in fibrosis. And finally, that when one
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disturb the animal's digestive powers, while owing to its fine state of
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mammary irritation, and prescribe rest in bed, abdominal fomentations,
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trace due to a horn thrust, the ill-defined lesion due to a kick, or what not.
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being necessary. These symptoms stimulate several other general
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We see, then, that when dropsy depends upon organic disease, we have
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poisoning during the course of a meal, such as occur when toxic plants
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not alarmed : tor, after all, I shall only glide over this ticklish sub-
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able next morning to rise or move. Hence in France this disease has
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Treatment. — After freeing the stomach and bowels, ordered tr. opii,.
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to amputate his pcenis. I recognized the existence of an indurated
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gradation, a prey to " horrors," and the scarcely less horrid vision of
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classes. This part of the book is intended as a guide for stu-
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and they eventually gain access to the hogs either through contaminated
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without other important symptoms. This disease appears to exhibit
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irganized condition and mischievous habits, to keep perpetual the elements
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tions through the dead-room examination. Having thus hurriedly given
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alone soon fills the entire neck of the hernia. Necrosis of the loop of
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The shrewd business tad of the drug manufacturers has
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the leaves of these plants contain aromatic or resinous principles
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formed artificial respiration by elevating and depressing the ribs.
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the ear to the chest wall, a large soft, amphoric souffle of well-marked
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occult subject, with the exception, perhaps, of a bearing upon the question


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