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Surgery ; Poisons and their antidotes ; Weights and
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thermal, mechanical, or chemical irritants. Such irritants comprise food
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Dr. Si!"\ corroborated Mr. Richardson's observations, having witnessed
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The ox's lung is liable to so many and such extremely varied
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tarily into Bloomingdale Asylum for thirteen weeks, for the purpose of
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are replaced by mucous rales. The cough diminishes in frequency, and
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vaginitis has not been caused by severe mechanical injuries, capable
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developed. This is done often by warming the bood of the animal by
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in such an extent of territory, either proves that an interfusion of species,
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It is unnecessary to emphasise this point in general surgical pathology,
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of Mt. Clemens, and Beach, of Coldwater, were chosen delegates to attend the
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history of the State. Among the early medical men of the earlier times in
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pains, which, however, pass unnoticed. The animal moves with diffi-
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due to a foreign body. Like tuberculous pericarditis, it is only accom-
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instances which could occur of this terrible disease. The patient was
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From careful study it seems quite certain that the Scottish " braxy '
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the fort. Between this family and that of the officer's first affected, there
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because they act on the secretions, on the muscular system, and also on
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others have all mentioned an alliaceous smell of the eructations as
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(a) In cases characterised only by chronic tympanites, without diar-
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If difficulty in s\Yallowing alone continues, the operator should
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particularly favourable to the infection of herds. This is explained by
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from the depression in which it has been lodged, and to restore its
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Clinically it is impossible to make these distinctions. We simply
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is done 1 ounce to 1^ ounces of aloes may be given. It would seem
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mediately isolated and no further cases appeared at that time in


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