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considerable time without danger to life, while a persistent

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forms result from the administration of drugs; and finally some are of

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their posterior aspects. This is true of the main abdominal organs

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The Association then proceeded with the business of the day. Ex-President

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In practice, in order to avoid the cutting and irritant effect of

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to a lady who had been married five months. As the menses appeared

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In human medicine at the present day there is a tendency to refer

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Unless the diagnosis is absolutely certain, the gallbladder,

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avoid all things which have a tendency to discourage the patient and to de-

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cows — in which the decalcifying process proceeds most actively in the

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that we had allowed the boy to slip through our fingers with

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contraction of the disease by bovine animals, and Moussu has arrived

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as sheep laurel and lamb-kill. The leaves contain andromedotoxin,

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unfrequently is at this period, with bile, a gentle emetic of salt and mus-

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illogical to speak of traumatic indigestion of the rumen, reticulum, and

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symptoms have subsided. In typhoid fever, and many other diseases, it

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that the winds move not in straight lines, but in vast cycloids or whirls. In

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and New Hampshire on the north, to Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Miss-

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It would be absurd to argue a general rule from such limited expe-

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and the twentieth clay after the injection, there was nothing remaining

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lently attacked. That case being of a more robust habit, the disease

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the tobacco dips. The great disadvantages of this class of dips are — first,


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