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lohether the people should read, but what they should read. The demand
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but the deaths for the whole term of 90 years were one in 9^- of all ad-
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in regard to measures for the prevention of epidemic and contagious diseases ;
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especially toxic. These substances are non-toxie until broken
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profession, and through them to the whole people of New Jersey.
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is deemed incurable ; for his attendance may continue to be highly useful to
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The visceral lesions rarely disappear completely, and it is not un-
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involves twosysfo ms of ac1 ion : one to do the business in hand, and the
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Dr. Thomas James, of Louisville, was injured when ins auto-
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ved at the beginning of the last fit, as it was in all the fits in which the
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the muscles and skin, and application of a surgical dressing.
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Such ptosis or sagging of the organs from their normal positions
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some authorities stock are not always disposed to shun this plant on
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symptomatology that permits a pretty sure diagnosis. We have
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The reader will remember that leeches are hermaphrodite, each individual
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found in the discharge of bronchial mucus leads to the discovery of
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was only a form, of purulent infection. At a later date Loiset studied
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sodium salicylate, potassium-iodide, -aline laxative, iron, arsenic,
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relation to variations in the gastric secretion or to disturbance of gastric
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Yellow Milk. — A yellow tint occurs in ordinary milk and cream,
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how made pure — and further to determine how far the fatal effects of the adminis-
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we have just been considering, unless appropriate measures are adopted
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cedes mammitis or when it results from prolonged neglect to milk the
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probable. Moussu has only seen three cases of this particular condition
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extent of the additions is indicated by an increase in the number
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If this were the whole case against the optometrists it seems
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the posterior one difficult or impossible. The "esults were satis-
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In doing this two modes of procedure are available. The anti-
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