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and pathological point of view different forms are recognised, some with
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are involved, you should, in consequence of the skill required and the
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and that at a period when operation — if operation be possible — -
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ginning of this year, (1853) for the investigation of the Natural His-
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plaining aid ones. It is a disingenuous and false charge, therefore, that
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our minds, whether we shall deny, or allow to be denied, to our pa-
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grades of intensity, in various climates, at Fort Gratiot in 1829, at Fort
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For more than half a century, have these sticklers for equal right . —
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This journal is edited by Edward H Parker, M. D., and is conducted by
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inventions make books and magazines plentiful — reading more
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of the rumen, the reticulum, the omasum, and the liver^diaphragmatic
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powerful curative agent. Hereafter, we shall have more to say on this
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moting and strengthening the good resolutions of his patients, suffering under
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colon, and within the duodenal loop. It is therefore very difiicult to
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We cannot close this article without alluding to one other circumstance.
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The lesions may appear more marked at a particular point, such as
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The patient lingered about three weeks and then sunk.
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The hairs, however, when examined microscopically are found to
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and the abomasum receives imperfectly prepared material. The result
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The parasites have exceptional vitality. It is generally stated that,
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of the inoculation experiments, he considers them of less value
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facial mange of sheep, there appear dry, scaly, branlike patches. After
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We cannot prove w4iether the forms said to be due in man to excess
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the complications it produces are of trifling importance in adults as com-
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up and buckled on their armor, some -aid the Corporal was a fool, and
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not shed or broken. There is no pruritus. Contagion from pig to
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Present condition. — Drunk, fy pulv. ipecac. 3i, to be followed by


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