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this must be carried out at any season of the year. The money loss

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ation of the kidney in cases where this condition causes marked

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This operation is of no great use, because, on account of the

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point I for the most part remained during the three years I used opium

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commission, and will be E special service to Amei can registra-

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respectable authority, which are truly embarassiag to the inexperienced

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manipulating the parts, and should again be withdrawn in about a

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circulation. This started up thousands of other nostrums-inventors

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ticularly the teats, of ewes with young may, if necessary, be smeared

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An interesting boy, aged about three years, was observed by his par-

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profession all the facts known in regard to the new method, which, for

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isson, of which he injected at first six drops; seeing no result, in a few

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claimed that society has so gi'eatly improved, it will be expected that this

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ing notice. We therefore purpose giving a short resume of some parts

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Causation. The causes of lymphadenitis and of lympho-cythaemia

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Cord. Ext. 01. Morrhuae Comp. (Hagee) may be profitably

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is the triple strength which nerves the limbs of men under intense excite-

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homa malignum that he treated successfully, so far as could

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due antisepsis he grasps the tonsil with a special tissue vulsella-

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The method used was the same as in those formerlv rep ite 1 and

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Water mixed with whipped whites of eggs is also extremely valuable,

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and expelling the contents in one jet. The discharge may continue

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the attention of the medical world; and we are persuaded that it will

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tonsil was rarely friable enough to tear out, and, if fibrous,

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cythaemia, i.e., it is unaccompanied by enlargement of lymphatic


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