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after it, the face. Toward the end of October there
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face of the mouth, and does not weaken, but, on the contra-
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Thomas Cottrell, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Surgery (Genito-urinary).
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of carbonic acid being the greatest in one or two hours after breakfast, and
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ment of hypertrophy is found to remove or prevent instead of producing
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that the larynx would be a favorite site for such local le-
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vided he or she shall have received from the Treasurer
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ever a duodenal kink became active. Same posture as in Fig. 1.
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tissue comes in and robs the organ of its function. Chordee,
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Dr Keating, who was in charge of the Depot Hospital at HiU
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dency to seize upon the lymphatic system. Upon post-mortem
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within the arteries, to haemorrhages from mucous surfaces, to
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though the presence of adhesions measured the degree
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Dr. Murphy's Observations on Rupture of the Uterus. 215
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65, and gradually becoming slower and weaker ; vomiting continues
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proving that the animal could survive and digest food after the removal
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posit is more prone to occur on the free surface of the serous
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allows the congestion to increase, lessens nutrition and leaves the
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twenty-one years Assistant-Surgeon Royal Military Asylum,
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fined life: not even familiar company restrains these youthful aberra-
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Goldberg, Harry Charles, sp, Perth Amboy, N.J. S.B. (Rutgers U.) '28.
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remained at zero ; whilst, on the other hand, the least alteration
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intestine, and that the general symptoms are the result of this absorp-
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being confined," says Mcintosh, "in the extremities," at least so much
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he was by no means an imbecile, his mental develop)-
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Disseminated Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare Infection in a
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cases of subphrenic abscess, in four of which a diag-
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disease, usually of rheumatic origin, as a condition powerfully pre-
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addressed the meeting declared that the sanitary de-
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tention, or for any other mode of repair ; and the fact is that
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impressions in the cortex, as in the performance of reflex
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ance that the Medical men of the present day should be
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from its junction with the cortex almost to the ends of the papillae. The
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thinks it would be a' good plan to leave the last carriage off.
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Alabama Cavalry. Some of his experiences therein have
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of the child are the symptoms usually observed by the parent. As the


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