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Whether or not they have any specially curative effect, clinical experience
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cleanse thoroughly the meatus with warm water, so that the condition
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ous System, Medical Jurisprudence, and Clinical Medicine :
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generative changes, and according to the nature and
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ing that the surgeon fractured the arm while attempting
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business sent to their surgical, lying-in, and other hospitals, is very sugges-
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the sofa, sleeps for twenty minutes, awakes quite fresh, and is ready to
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and he is your servant. He will follow you like a pet dog.
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Erysipelas proper is altogether a primary affection, the cause of which
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lifted. There is no loss of sensation. The palsied limbs soon begin to
Frequently when the pharyngeal tonsil was thoroughly
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well speaks of the custom of placing the beans and stalks
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vague and uncertain, and tears are abundantly shed from the slightest causes.
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fhk^? v^^'T^ rj-^^' ^^""^"S ^^'^ ^^^g'l pressure about
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the various glands which have been clogged and by their stimulating
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are indicated. When the disorder is persistent, agents alter-
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1. Dr. A. T. Clark, Greenville, Pa., "Colles Fractures." Discussion
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Lis, of New York City, on Alcohol as a general stimu-
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signs in the i)apillary layer are always present together, this cannot
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The complicating bronchitis gives rise to a variety of
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chronic forms of Bright's disease, where the epithelium is
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degree cum summa laude as a work of reference, as far as his
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of the women will be asked to fill out a brief question-
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Sept. 22d. The conditions greatly changed, as the discolora-
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period, they seem quite bare, or are merely covered with granules and
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A marked keratitis was preset, and thought by Dr. Cutler to be
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stricture can be cured in a short time with these pills As a general cathartic, they are
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the population. It was felt, in short, that the Stuarts were doomed,
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Koll, Jane H, 27 South Reserve Ave, Fond du Lac 54935
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occurrence of a true functional but temporary paralysis.
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Klauenseuihe. Deutsche thieiarztl. Wchnschr., Kaila-
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The illustrative case here given may be considered as a
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" tea and coffee," under the general name of " nervous food." This is pretty
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forcing the blood and serum into the body. The pulse almost
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fatal, blood dyscrasias, including aplastic anemia,


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